Summary about Association ’’Red Line’’

Association ’’Red Line’’ from Novi Sad has 12 years of experience in field of improvement the human rights of social excluded group in Serbia, as a part of Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization. Since 2010 Association become independed organization and operating in field in order to organize activities for the sake of providing psychological, social, legal, medical and other care, support and assistance to people living with HIV and their families, as well as for advocacy and efforts to change the attitude of society towards people living with HIV infection.

The vision of the Association is: A society without discrimination, in which respects the rights and diversity of its citizens.

The mission is: improving quality of life, respect of rights and social inclusion of people who live with HIV, young people and other vulnerable groups with increasing public awareness, education and advocacy for society of equal opportunities.

We provide a wide range of support to people living with HIV infection and their famillies:
psychosocial and legal assistance,
personal assistance,
home/hospital visits,
practical help,
free educative courses,
self-supporting groups etc.

Our association cooperates with numerous organizations, health and other institutions dealing with the same issues, especially with the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Novi Sad and Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina.

Since December 2010 Association ''Red line'' is a full member of the Union Organization of Serbia involved in the protection of people living with HIV - USOP.

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